About Me's

We have designed this site to be something you might want to read when you should really be doing something else.  In the process, we hope you will gain a better understanding of procrastination and finally get around to achieving some pretty amazing things.  Hey, we even cleared our inbox once.

In this Internet age, there is so much information freely available - far more than anyone can read and digest.  To make sense of it all, it needs to be distilled down into something more manageable.  But how far and in what way? Politicians have long understood the need to keep things simple when communicating their message.  But people are complicated creatures and a world full of them is seven billion times that. However we do share something in common and that is our DNA (at least 99.5% of it). This means our basic instincts are more similar than we would care to admit and, with My Many Me's, we are appealing to that common denominator.

My Many Me's are the brain children of Adrian who lives in Berkshire, United Kingdom. An accomplished procrastinator, he has truly astounded everybody by finally getting around to creating this site.  His qualifications to speak for themselves; a good grade for art studies at high school, a bad one for English and nothing whatsoever in psychology.  Thus he is eminently qualified for his day job which is managing software projects. And this has led him to the conclusion that procrastination and getting projects in on time are two sides of the same coin.