How to Be Famous

09 January 2016

This strip was inspired by a series of YouTube videos produced by Blendtec who produce a series of high end blenders*. In these videos called " Will it blend?*", a guy in a white labcoat takes something that you would not normally want to blend and blends it anyway. These intially included golf balls, DVDs etc. However there are only so many everyday items that you can needlessly destroy before things start to get a little repetitive. So he has started to put more expensive things through the blender such as the latest smartphones and smartwatches. So we can safely assume they sell quite a few blenders off the back of these videos. 

Anyway, this then kicked off a whole genre of videos on novel ways to destroy your smartphone. Each video trying to be more outrageous than the next. I don't think the producers of these clips are trying to sell us anything except just how dumb people can get.

* an asterisk at the end of a link means that if you click this link you will be taken to another site.