Why So Worried? (Part 1)

04 January 2016


Fear is that unpleasant feeling caused by the anticipation of an undesirable outcome.

Phobophobia* is the fear of fear.

Gorillas are scary. They weigh 500 pounds, have huge canines and are ten times stronger than you and me.

Conservationists will tell you that gorillas are vegetarian and shy. That doesn't make them any less intimidating. It just means that they will attack on a full stomach and don't expect any pleasantries while they tear you limb from limb.

Gorillas are scary. Period.

Real Gorillas

Let's start by getting the apologies out of the way.

Gorillas are painted in a pretty bad light on this site. Real gorillas are probably much nicer. That's all I am going to say about the subject.

None of the King Kong movies had a disclaimer so why should I?

Next Up: A gorilla ate my report

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