The Avoider

06 January 2016

There are some tasks that I just don't feel like starting let alone finishing. There's a small part of me that wants to get them done early but then sloth gets the better of me. Of course, I can only avoid a task for so long, at which point my fear of being too late spurs me into action and hounds me until things get done.

Avoid Avoidance

You may delay a task you don't enjoy doing so leaving yourself limited time to complete it. This often means it is not performed as well as you would like and there's little satisfaction when the task is completed. Time pressure creates anxiety and frustration as the task frequently takes longer than expected. And for repetitive tasks, a downward spiral can be created when negative experiences lead to greater delays on subsequent runs.

Avoidance behaviour is often caused by something called hyperbolic discounting.

Here are some ways to avoid avoiding:

Use the Chart of Procrastination as a handy reference guide to other types of procrastination.

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