05 January 2016

Comic Strip


10,000 years ago, mega-sloths about the size of rhinos lived in what is now South America.

I guess trees were a lot larger then.

Four lazy facts about sloths*

  • It takes so long for sloths to digest their food, they only go to the bathroom once a week.
  • Sloths never break into a sweat either; because they can't.  They have no sweat glands and no body odour.  This means they never need to take a bath. 
  • Sloths only need to breathe every 40 minutes which actually makes them excellent swimmers.

The Meaning of Sloth

Sometimes we make the mistake of equating sloth with laziness. In reality, the root of sloth is much deeper.

Saint Gregory the Great assigned six "daughters" to sloth: malice, spite, faint-heartedness, despair, sluggishness in regard to the commandments, and wanderings of the mind after unlawful things.

Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote that sloth is a vice opposed to the joy of charity. He called it "an oppressive sorrow that so weighs upon our mind that we want to do nothing."

I say don't be fooled their cosy laid back disposition. They are fully paid up members of the Procrash Team and if you are avoiding a task then sloth could be the reason.

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