The Thrill Seeker

06 January 2016

I have mentioned previously that I avoid fear but that's not always the case. People like excitement and pay good money to be thrilled. However we do make the distinction between "safe danger" and "real danger" e.g. between watching a shark from a cage and being in a cage with a shark.

Some of us often need a little adrenalin to get us started and that's welcome as long as we are on the right side of the cage.

Rational Me nevertheless tells me that sharks are dangerous and it is always better to play safe and remain on the boat (unless the shark is bigger than the boat).

Don't Kill the Thrill

You may often find tasks too boring to hold your attention without additional incentives.  However leaving yourself limited time runs the risk of reduced quality and no contingency if there is a problem. 

  • Try starting some of the tasks earlier but stop if you get bored. This makes things easier and less risky when it gets urgent.
  • Perform the task with a more pleasant task such as listening to music or on the phone to a friend. This means you will be more inclined to start it earlier.
  • Set yourself earlier deadlines. Make up reasons why the task needs to be done early e.g. give yourself a reward if things are done 24 hours before they are actually due. Set a time and date, otherwise early will be five minutes early.

Use the Chart of Procrastination as a handy reference guide to other types of procrastination.

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